Monday, July 24, 2006

recent record purchases

Compared the majority of reviews in MRR, this shit is Shakespere...

This is all stuff I've aquired over the past month:

Tragedy- Nerve Damage
What more can be said about Tragedy, they're the best band in DIY hardcore. They'll leave a long legacy of followers for years to come, due to their awesome music, and ability to back up their messages. This record is also on Tragey Records, despite 2 of the members having record labels (plus the fact that pretty much any real independant DIY label would kill to release anything by them). This record is a logical progression from Vengeance, but retains the fast punk spirit, crossed with brooding metallic songs. There's even a piano interlude, that somehow isn't even remotely cheesy.

Career Suicide- Attempted Suicide & Anthology of Releases vol. 2
I was lucky enough to catch these boys on their recent tour and get their new LP, which isn't even out yet. You're not going to be disappointed at all, in fact it's their best record yet. The songs are really catchy, not that their other releases aren't. Most bands tend to level off or get worse after their first LP, but someone forgot to inform Career Suicide of this.
Despite having all their records on vinyl, I got the new Anthology Cd. It has the Signals 7", the Invisible Eyes LP, the split LP with Jed Whitey and a few comp tracks and unreleased gems. Perfect for newcomers, or people like me who jsut want all the songs in one place to rip to my iPod.

Deathcycle- s/t
I had been a fan of Deathcycle from the beginning, their 7" and splits were really awesome. This LP takes their metallic crusty political sound a little further. There's definately more metal, which might be attributed to some member changes, but it's still awesome. I haven't seen them in like 2 years, which sucks, but they've always been really good live too. The cover art is really fitting as well.

Toxic Reasons- Independance
Reissue of an unappreciated classic. Toxic Reasons played some British street punk inspired hardcore. It's from the 80's, so yea it sounds great. This has re-recorded versions of the songs from their 7"s and comps, so I was familiar with most of the songs, just not those versions. It's great, more people should get into it.

Criminal Damage- s/t
Pretty much any project involving members of Tragedy (past or present) has been awesome. This is no exception, though certainly not what you'd expect. Sounds like a lot of 80's British punk, mixed with a little early 80's Cali sound. A little bit like waht No Hope For the Kids is doing, definately worth checking out.

Mind Eraser- Glacial Reign
I was reluctant to check out this band, sorry but a Mental and Righteous Jams side-project really doesn't interest me. But after a lot of people telling me it sounds like a powerviolence record, I figured I'd give the first record a chance. This is their second LP, and first with a full lineup. Their first LP was performed by 2 guys. The sound is a lot more crushing than the last one, and sounds a lot more full. Bands like Neanderthal, and Crossed out come to mind. I should also note that they opened up with a Siege cover when they played here last week.

Army of Jesus- Book Bomb & Prosperity . Health . Finance . Wealth
I caught AOJ on their recent summer tour, and picked up these 2 new records. I had gotten the Rats in the Wall 7" last year from them on tour. Unfortunately it seems they've broken up upon returning home. The music is some awesome foreign influenced fast hardcore punk. They covered my favorite Raw Power song when I saw them, so that may give you a band referance to start with. They will be missed

Fucked Up- Litany (Havoc repress)
Aside from a sort of weird artsy vibe, Fucked Up play some rockin' punk jams. "Reset the Ride" is a definate keeper on this short 4 song 7". I always kinda thought it sucked when foreign bands released short 7"s, due to importing a record from Canada a lot of their 7"s wind up costing like $6. If Fucked Up focused on releasing more songs on less records, I'd probably be more into them. Like it or not, however they're one of the best bands going today.

Brain Handle- s/t
I know listing Black Flag as an influence these days is usually poinless, since most of the time they don't sound anything close. This time however, there's definately some Ginn inspired noodling going on in the best possible way. Reminds me of Life Sentence or early Articles of Faith, maybe a little Jerry's Kids. However there's a definate later era Flag thing going on at the same time. 2 fast ragers, 1 slow rager-pretty different, I like it.

Limp Wrist- Want Us Dead
Gimmicks aside, yes Limp Wrist is a little over the top at times. However, they've been able to supliment this with some awesome sounding old school hardcore that's catchy and memorable. So what if the sing alongs are about liking dudes. The songs have a social conciousness toward the gay community, as you would assume.

Brother Inferior- Anthems '94 '97
I found a copy of their LP in a used bin a few months ago, and ever since have been in love with this band. This is their discography, which has the LP some 7"s and split. What you get is 36 tracks of fast political old school hardcore. In today's political climate it's almost a good career move to have politically based songs (look at Green Day), but these songs ooze with sincerity. The vocals remind me of the singer from AFI, (before he got a sex change - seriously, have you seen him lately?) but are much more harsh.

Kanamits- demo (CD-R)
First off, punk bands with girl singers always rule in my opinion. Sound-wise it's really fast stripped down old school punk. Comparisons to Sin 34 and I Object are appropriate, but the music is a hell of a lot more raw. Totally awesome, looking forward to more from them.

American Cheeseburger- demo (cassette tape)
Picked up this when they came through on tour last week. The band's from GA, and feature members from Goat Shanty. What you get is 2 sides worth of fast punk, bordering on powerviolence. I like it a lot, and will be looking forward to more releases by these guys. Yes, they're as awesome as their name would suggest!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

remember when my old band (SNAKEBiTE) was on TV?

the "A Makeover Story" video is now on
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

In case you didn't know, SNAKEBiTE was a punk band who pretended to need a makeover to get on TV. What we got was expensive ugly clothes, free tattoos, dumb haircuts, and a crazy week in NYC.

you can also see a video of us playing live in Atlanta from our Winter 2004 tour (12/27/04)

for more info go to:

there's a few copies of our second 7" still available at Don Giovanni Records
I'd also recommend checking out everything else on there especially the Degenerics, Shape Shifter and the Ergs

I'm in the process of uploading more pictures and flyers to my own site, keep an eye out: