Monday, May 17, 2010

BLOODTYPE- Bringin' More Stuff Down tape out now! (BE-01)

So in a futile effort to promote my own band's releases/tour, I decided to start a record label. This is my first official release, though I've had experience releasing/ distribution demos and records before. Maybe this will be the first of many, maybe just a flash in the pan, either way, here it is BE-01!
Bloodtype is a Straight Edge hardcore punk band from NJ. Influenced by 80's HC bands like the Abused, Straight Ahead, SSD, and early AF/WarZone. They play fast, pissed off, no BS hardcore. This tape contains 2 songs from their upcoming 7" (Cowabunga), a song from their split with INJ/SYS (No Reprieve), and a Black Flag cover exclusive to this release.
Professionally duplicated red cassette tapes, limited to 100. $4.50ppd (in the USA)

Summer tour w/ Injustice System:
July 29- Raleigh, NC
July 30- Richmond, VA*
July 31- Washington, DC
Aug 1- Brooklyn, NY*
*=not confirmed

*Labels/distros-get in touch about trades/wholesale rates*

EDIT- I'm all sold out, but check out: Cowabunga, Sorry State, Punks Before Profits, To Live A Lie, Give Praise, Grave Mistake and No Way Records. The band also has copies left.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Qeeology 2.5 show

Recently I was asked to be a part of Toy2R's Qeeology 2.5 art show. They sent me a blank 2.5" Qee to customize any way I wanted for the show. I tried something a little different, but overall like the finished product. Notice the 7 Seconds logo on the chest, and various X's and No symbols. I decided to name him "Drug Control" after the 7 Seconds song.
Pictures and a recap of the show can be found HERE. I'm glad to have been a part of it.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Finn the Human

So about a month or so ago I did a stencil painting of the Ice King from Adventure Time. The shows creator liked it, and suggested I do similar paintings w/ the other characters. Who am I to argue, so I made a stencil of Finn. Maybe someday I will do one of Jake the Dog.