Saturday, January 29, 2011

PHIBES tapes OUT NOW!!! (BE-02)

PHIBES is a new punk band from NJ with the same assholes who brought you Wormeaters, Bloodtype and Rip It Up. Don't expect it to sound like those bands, this is heavily influenced by early 80's California punk. Fans of bands like Adolescents, Germs, Battalion of Saints, TSOL and the Nardcore bands won't be disappointed. The songs are melodic, but pack a hard punch to the face.
Limited to 250 tapes with full color covers, screened cases, great recording and shrink-wrapped. The whole package looks as good as it sounds. (5 songs)

*Labels get in touch for trades and wholesale rates. I will update this with distro information as it becomes available.*

**I also threw up a package deal to get rid of the remaining Bloodtype tapes