Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Prelude to Judgment Day for It Came From 1984 art show

I was asked to participate in the IT CAME FROM 1984 art show, a show who's theme was based around movies released in 1984. I decided to do a piece based on the Terminator, putting my own spin on the cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzeneggar. I did a multiple layered stencil technique, also using fades and metallic paint. For the eyes, I used these red reflective doll eyes, which really make the piece pop. I titled it "Prelude to Judgment Day," referencing the title of the sequel.. .On a personal note, I usually spray paint outdoors, but with all of the snow and cold weather, I had to take over a part of the basement to get this done.

Chogrin Illustration & Design & BOTTLENECK GALLERY PRESENT: "It Came From 1984"
I invite you to the latest art show I'm curating at Bottleneck Gallery! "IT CAME FROM 1984" will pay tribute to the films of 1984 (Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Nausicaa, Neverending Story, Karate Kid, etc.), which are all turning 30 years old this year!

Check out www.bottleneckgallery.com for the latest news and artwork previews for this show!