Friday, July 20, 2012

On The Attack for Sailor Jerry tribute art show

"On The Attack" spray paint on 8x10 canvas board
When I was invited to participate in another Sailor Jerry tribute art show, I jumped at the opportunity. The one in 2010 that I helped with was one of my favorite art shows. Tattoo style being the theme, I went with simplified stencils (based on an original drawing), which I added shading to, and then outlined. It's fun to step outside of my usual style, I like doing things like this. I even did a blood splatter on the frame with a paint marker.

 Babes Booze and Tattoos: A Tribute to Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins art show sponsored be Sailor Jerry Rum
Saturday July 28th 6pm-10pm
@ Jinxed in Philadelphia

The long anticipated 2nd installation of the Sailor Jerry art tribute show is upon us! Come down to Jinxed Saturday, July 28th to see 40+ local artists work inspired by the man himself, Sailor Jerry!
This show is sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum and there will be free rum drinks in his honor!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Brunswick HC show - 7/31

So I've been involved in various shows over the years, but this is the first I've really set up (with the help of my buddy Devin) in a long time. Hopefully the turnout is good, because Stripmines is one of my favorite current bands (and all around great dudes).

Altered Boys http://

Stripmines http://

Raw Nerves http://


Nation On Fire http://

@ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ / $6 / 7pm