Monday, October 31, 2011

[BE-03] Birth Deformities demo repress out now!

Birth Deformities is a new band from Chicago, consisting of members of Culo with Nick (Cowabunga Records CEO) on vocals. Taking influence from early 80's NY/NJ bands, similar to the approach of Omegas and Culo (obviously). This is probably one of my favorite demos of 2011, and I'm stoked to get to re-press these. Fans of cult hardcore shit like Chronic Sick and Fatal Rage will dig it, uptight PC idiots will hate it.

Limited to 100 copies with re-designed cover art on pro duplicated cassettes with screened shells. (7 songs)
Preview the first track here:
**I also threw up a package deal with the remaining Phibes tapes

ALSO AVAILABLE FROM: Cowabunga, Sorry State, Grave Mistake, Vinyl Conflict/ No Way, Deranged, Trip Machine Labs, Video Disease

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Record Scores: Cro Mags- Age of Quarrel

So a lot of people will tell stories of finding pretty decent records in thrift store, but I don't think you'll find a better thrift store hardcore story than this. So when I was unemployed, I made it a point to go the Goodwill in town every Monday. They would have put out all of the good stuff from the weekend, and everything was 25% off. A lot of days I turned up with nothing, but one day as I'm walking out I see what looks to be a somewhat punk layout. It turns out to be Anti-Nowhere League's "we Are The League" LP. Cool, so I keep digging, hoping for a deposit of punk records. I find some mediocre 80's metal, a Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) solo record, an old Posh Boy Records comp I'd never heard of and The Adolescents' laughably bad "Balboa Fun Zone" LP. Then I come across the holy grail, a copy of the Cro-Mags' "Age of Quarrel" LP! This record had been out of print until recently, and was an early pressing with the CENSORED sleeve art. Unfortunately the corner was cut off, which indicated that it was a promo copy originally. Still it was in amazing condition. I went to the register and asked how much the records were, and the cashier said $1, though with the sale- 75 cents each. I quickly went back and grabbed the Posh Boy comp, the Adolescents and Anti-Nowhere League LPs as well. So there it is, the story of how I got a copy of "Age of Quarrel" for 75 cents.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Incredible Hulkster for Comix Gone Rogue

COMIX GONE ROGUE is a project organized by my buddy Edwin Vazquez where artists not associated with the comics do art on the covers of blanks. I got the Incredible Hulk, and I immediately thought of doing him in a classic Hulk Hogan pose. I was a little worried with the detail in the face getting lost, but I think the over-spray almost doubles as shading. Check out the other pieces on the blog too, it'll make for a sick show one day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Custom Rumble Monsters toy

I scored a Rumble Monsters Damnedron toy on eBay cheap recently. I decided to do it in a somewhat Hedorah style, giving him a kinda sludge/oil slick look. I painted the inside with black, which through the milky clear vinyl looks dark gray. Then masked out the detail for the eyes and teeth, and painted the mouth with a paint marker. For the body, I sprayed kaiju style whisps of yellow, and masked off my trademark X's and a biohazard symbol. After that I did a rub of light green to give it a kind of grosser look.

More pictures here:

Classic Comps vol. 4- The Master Tape

It's been a while since I did one of these comp reviews, and this is a good one to come back with. The Master Tape was compiled by a member of the Zero Boys, and sadly does not get the credit it's due, most likely because it's been out of print for like 25+ years (time for a reissue?). If anyone knows anything about the bands I didn't know as much about, please feel free to school me in the comments. I found a download of the comp HERE, but if anyone wants to sell/trade me a copy of the vinyl, get in touch.

1. Toxic Reasons - Mercenary
2. Toxic Reasons - Drunk and Disorderly

Toxic Reasons starts things off awesome with "Mercenary." Their sound was definitely similar to other USHC bands, but heavily influenced by the UK bands of the same time. "Drunk and Disorderly" is a total oi-influnced barroom anthem. Definitely track down their LP called Independence, which got reissued a few years back on Beer City. The sound on the LP is somewhat clean, but these songs are raw and dirty.

3. Slammies - Frustrated
4. Slammies - P.U.S.
5. Slammies - Manager Breakdown

Slammies are a band I know absolutely nothing about, however I do know that these 3 songs are really really good. They have an almost light-hearted Adrenalin O.D./ Detention vibe, where there is a bit of melody, but at the same time some force behind it. "Manager Breakdown" is a perfect song to listen to on the way to a job you hate. Definitely some catchy shit here.

6. Battered Youth - New Patriot
7. Battered Youth - We'll Love You When You're Dead

Battered Youth is another mystery to me, name rules because I hate children. The vocals have a kind of raw screaming quality to them, but the music is sort of mid paced. "..When You're Dead" has the better hook for sure, but the songs have a kind of monotone quality, though there's some potential if they had other stuff recorded.

8. The Delinquents - Bible School
9. The Delinquents - Systems Pressure

Another band I don't know, though "Bible School" is easily one of my favorite songs on this comp. It's really really good. Seriously, the chorus is so damn catchy. Almost has a California punk quality, like Battalion of Saints maybe. Their other song is also real good too, I need to hear more of this stuff.

10. Zero Boys - High Places
11. Zero Boys - Human Body
12. Zero Boys - Mom's Wallet

Hopefully you're familiar with the Zero Boys by now, if not their Vicious Circle and Livin In the 80's records are mandatory pick ups. They were from the mid west, but had the melody and punch of a band from California. These songs are of the caliber of the Vicious Circle LP, and are even tacked on as bonus tracks on some pressings of it. "Mom's Wallet" is probably the best of the bunch, but an overall strong showing. These are definitely noway comp tracks.

13. Articles of Faith - Buried Alive
14. Articles of Faith - False Security

Articles of Faith is another band I hope you're familiar with. If not, Alternative Tentacles released a 2 CD discography a few years back. These songs are more along the lines of their earlier/ faster material, unlike their more slowed down DC influenced sound later down the road. "Buried Alive" is my favorite of the 2.

15. The Repellents - Think for Yourself
16. The Repellents - Livin' Like an Animal

Never heard of the Repellents, but the songs to me aren't very memorable. "Livin Like an Animal" is a bit more intense, but still falls flat compared to the other bands.

17. Learned Helplessness - Vegis
This is a kind of weird one, a female fronted band singing a pro-vegetarian song. It kind of reminds me of the Putrid Girls from the We Got Power: Party Or Go Home comp, though much better. Not too great, but at least it's got a catchy hook.

18. The FU's - CETA Suckers
19. The FU's - Death Wish

FU's was a killer band from Boston, notably on the Unsafe At Any Speed and This Is Boston, Not LA comps as well as their own classic LPs- Kill For Christ and My America. These songs seem to be early ones, like from around the time of the comps (which "CETA Suckers also appears). The FU's are definitely a band you need to check out for sure, killer tracks.

20. The Pattern - Unnatural Silence
21. The Pattern - Michelob

The Pattern is another that I don't know; their songs are mid-paced and the vocals are pretty forcedful. "Unnatural Silence" has a real weird chorus, I can't describe it, but I kinda like it. "Michelob" is definitely a throw away track that's like 5 seconds long.

22. Die Kreuzen - On the Street
23. Die Kreuzen - All White
24. Die Kreuzen - Fighting

Die Kreuzen was an awesome band from Wisconsin, their Cows and Beer 7" and s/t LP are both amazing, and both recently reissued. These songs all appear on their LP, though these were earlier recordings, and sound different. Their sound is a sort of balance between fast and disjointed, maybe similar to Void, but all their own. These versions lack some intensity, but are still killer for sure. "All White" would have made a cool droning closing track for the comp, just sayin'...