Friday, August 12, 2011

Record Scores: Youth of Today- Can't Close My Eyes LP

In honor of getting to see Youth of Today tonight at This Is Hardcore Fest, I thought I'd post this. This was the first "rare" record I ever got. I remember it being around 1998, when Rev had done the reissues of their 3 LPs with the newer covers. The new cover for CCME was the worst. I found this in Curmudgeon Records in NJ for about $20, maybe less. The original pressing of this was a 7", this is the 2nd pressing on an LP, which was on Schism and Caroline. This is the first pressing of the LP which is determined by the white labels and insert (which mine unfortunately didn't come with). I remember back then thinking it was so cool to own something on Schism. This of course was the days before eBay, now all you needed was persistence and a high credit card balance to snag old records. I love this record, it's just fast and angry. Their other stuff is good, but this is my favorite.
I always thought this cover ruled. I'm pretty sure it's the same photo from the 7" version, just un-cropped. In doing that though, you can see the buggy eyed kid, and the sweet graffiti. Don't know why they never covered that up, but it clearly says "Meat Rules" and "Fuck with HIV Seeeeee!" Ridiculous.