Monday, August 12, 2013

That's It ...Bye! for Leaving art show

I did this painting for the PHANTOM HAND show called "Leaving," which will open on Saturday at JINXED in Philadelphia. The topic was very open ended, basically just based on the title. I chose a darker topic of suicide. Visually, I went for a minimalist Frank Miller (Sin City era), mixed with a little Roy Lichtenstein. It's an 11x14 canvas, painted with stencils and spray paint. I did the sides in yellow to make the noose color pop a little more from a side angle.
Phantom Hand presents LEAVING Come out to Phantom Hand's summer doldrums show, and see how our artists grapple with a completely open-ended show, art based simply on the title of the exhibition. Featuring work by: Rog Petersen, Juliana Lose, Eli Vandenberg, Carol Piast, Daniel Trauten, Harrison Freeman, Jenny Ross, Christine Larsen, Christian Patchell, Melissa Lomax, Concetta Barbera, James Heimer, Elliott Downs, Jeff DeSantis, Jeff Daniels, Anthony Pedro, Eamon Dougherty, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Sam Heimer, and more!