Tuesday, March 26, 2013

April 14 @ the Warehouse Motor Club

The Warehouse Motorclub presents:

Hounds of Hate (PA Straight Edge, LP on Painkiller)

Violent Reaction (UK Straight Edge, LP on Painkiller)

Altered Boys (NJHC, Katorga/ Deranged/ RTF/ BE)

Born Annoying (Shore Style, Reaper Records)

Outlast (NJ Straight Edge, Harvore Records)

@ The Warehouse Motorclub
620 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex NJ 08846

$10, bands start at 6:30pm SHARP, and will be over before 10

The WHMC is a DIY venue run by a collective of people who have put a
lot of time and money into making this a great venue for shows. We
have a stage, great sound system, tons of room and a snack bar. Please
do not disrespect the venue and please do not try to drink inside. If
you are being a dick, we will tell you to leave.


*World War 4 cancelled, sorry*

Thursday, March 14, 2013

[BE-07] Wrong Decision- The US Tape

Wrong Decision is a new band from Belgium. On first listen, I was getting comparisons to 86 Mentality, Dead Stop, Insurance Risk and Commitment Crew. Straight forward early 80's style US hardcore, with burly vocals is what you should be expecting. Most of these songs will be on an upcoming 7", but there's some exclusives here. The A side give you 8 ripping hardcore tracks, the B side you'll have to experience first hand...

Limited to only 50 copies on pro duplicated blue cassettes, with printed sticker labels. (9 songs)
Check out the first song, "Crossed Limits" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_64lcdlUAU
Buy it here: http://bleedingedges.bigcartel.com

Also Available from: Sorry State, Grave Mistake

* This marks the first release that I've self-produced with my own professional duplicator, so note the lower price. However, since releasing my last tape, international shipping has gone up drastically. I based shipping rates off what other DIY labels are charging, so hopefully it works out for everyone's benefit.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mixtape for The Dead Cats of Civilization art show

For the latest PHANTOM HAND show, focusing on dead technology, I chose the cassette tape. Ironically, I still release cassette tapes, though acknowledge the novelty of it to the average person. I did this image of a mix tape that had the tape pulled from it completely out of tape, no stencils were used. I illustrated, then cut all of the art out of tape, and re-stuck it to a canvas. I did the background in a sort of Van Halen homage as well, and surround the border with tape from an actual cassette.
Phantom Hand presents an exhibition of the antiquated and obsolete. This collection will pay tribute to occupations, tools and practices now relegated to the 'dust-bin of progress'.

The Dead Cats of Civilization is the inaugural exhibition kicking off Phantom Hand's residence at Jinxed. The first in what will be a long line of exhibitions showcasing Philadelphia illustrators, printers, designers, and cartoonists.