Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mixtape for The Dead Cats of Civilization art show

For the latest PHANTOM HAND show, focusing on dead technology, I chose the cassette tape. Ironically, I still release cassette tapes, though acknowledge the novelty of it to the average person. I did this image of a mix tape that had the tape pulled from it completely out of tape, no stencils were used. I illustrated, then cut all of the art out of tape, and re-stuck it to a canvas. I did the background in a sort of Van Halen homage as well, and surround the border with tape from an actual cassette.
Phantom Hand presents an exhibition of the antiquated and obsolete. This collection will pay tribute to occupations, tools and practices now relegated to the 'dust-bin of progress'.

The Dead Cats of Civilization is the inaugural exhibition kicking off Phantom Hand's residence at Jinxed. The first in what will be a long line of exhibitions showcasing Philadelphia illustrators, printers, designers, and cartoonists.


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