Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jinxed HeArt Show

This is a painting I did for the HeArt Show @ Jinxed/ Toothless Cat Gallery in Philly. Artists were given these wooden hearts to paint whatever they wanted for the show. For mine, I wanted to go the cheezy valentine route. I stenciled an illustration of the Fonz, and glued a lace ribbon with pearls around the edge. I titled this "Happy Valentine's Eyyy!"

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

custom Ghost Trooper toy

I had gotten a clear Ghost Trooper toy recently off someone on the Skullbrain board. The toy is a collaboration between Death Climax and Super7, basically taking the existing Space Trooper body and adding a new head by Brian Flynn. For this custom, I painted the inside of the body brown and taped off and spray painted the red. Once that was done, I did a black rub, to make the details pop and give it weathered look. I painted the inside of the head with a glow in the dark paint, which was hard to work with, but looks great. I like painting the inside of clear toys, because from an angle, you can still see the clear on the surface (especially in the skull on the chest). Super7 had a custom show this weekend, and after seeing all those cool customs, it motivated me to finish this.