Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday the 13th

Despite its bad rep, my Friday the 13th turned out pretty good. My Thursday the 12th wasn't as good, since I got a speeding ticket. Friday was really busy with work, a job interview and a show I set up. I cut out of work an hour and a half early since the job was over an hour away, but I still wound up being late from my interview due to traffic. Interview was good, seems like it'd be an awesome job opportunity, but at this point I know not to get my hopes up too early. After that I had to go back north to New Brunswick, which took another hour. I wound up getting there @ 6, and helped clean up the basement. everything went well, despite me stressing about time. I'm glad everyone seemed to have a good time, and there were no problems. I wish there was an extra half hour, so all the bands could've played longer. Thanks again to Katy for letting me do this. All the bands were super nice, and nobody gave me crap about asking for cash.

BrainDead- Really good modern hardcore. Saw them in FL, and found out they were from NJ/Philly. Thought they'd jive well w/ Ruiner and Hostages. They played really really well tonite too.

Hostages- Not too shabby, I'd never heard them proir to this but their sound was along that same line. A lot of parts seemed to ring out too long and drag, but not bad. I designed one of their shirts also, check it out here.

Disnihil- Not bad, first time seeing/hearing them. They had a His Hero is Gone vibe, maybe Celebrity Murders mixed with Tragedy. It was heavy and fast, but nothing stood out too much.

the Horror- Loved them when I saw them the first time they came to America back in 2003. They were even better tonite, a lot of the new songs have a heavier rock vibe, but still undoubtably hardcore. I felt bad I had to cut their set short, the last block of songs were all off the first 10".

Ruiner- Basically had 15 minutes and did their entire set w/o any breaks. They're probably one of the best, and hardest working current hardcore bands. Black Flag cover was awesome, especially since I've seen Ruiner at least 7 times, and it's only the second time they've done a cover.

thanks again, that was probably my best show so far. I've got another one next weekend on Sat @ Southwest Burrito in NB, NJ, and another one on April 29th @ Rancho Relaxo. Saturday, Wormeaters recorded all the music for our demo. I think like 7 songs, but we still need to do some mixing and record vocals. This week I'm seeing the Vicious Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Good times!

*I've been taking a ton of pictures lately, but I'm gonna wait to upload them all at once*

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