Thursday, May 03, 2007

new show photos

I've been going to a ton of shows lately, so here's a nice chunk of new pictures. I've deleted a few pages of older or just plain crappy photos, and started doing adjustments to certain photos. If you hover over the changed ones, you can see their originals to compare.

the Vicious (NJ/NYC/PA/Philly)

Total Fury (Philly/NYC)

Terminal State

Pissed Jeans

the Horror



also check out some not so new pics of Government Warning, YDI, Formaldehyde Junkies, I Object!

keep an eye out for shows in New Brunswick, NJ on June 19th (LIFE CRISIS) and June 30th (AUTISTIC YOUTH + FORCED MARCH). I'll also be at No Way Fest.

also, my band, WORMEATERS recorded 1/2 of a demo. keep an eye on our page for the finished tracks.

I also got the archives and RSS feed on my blog working...

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