Saturday, December 22, 2007

Upcoming NJ shows in January

Jan. 2 @ the Bread Box in New Brunswick, NJ

Blank Stare- ridiculously good Boston HC
(too cool for the internet)

Sick Fix- female fronted sXe Infest worship HC

Coke Bust- sXe thrash w/ youth crew parts and blast beats

WORMEATERS- for fans of NA/AF and government conspiracies (ex- Snakebite/Kanamits/S.I.T.W.)

I Hate This- female fronted power violence/ thrash (ex-Common Enemy/Chainsaw to the Face)

e-mail bleedingXedges (at) for the address

the 3 touring bands are all Straight Edge, and have records out on Third Party Records

Jan. 5 @ the Popoff in New Brunswick, NJ

Ramming Speed- Boston pizza party thrash metal

Guilty Faces- CT punk (2/3 Ratbyte)

Reprobates- awesome HC/Punk from Toronto (1/2 Terminal State)

Killin It- New Brunswick thrashers

contact Killin It for info, I only helped Reprobates and Guilty Faces get on the show. I can't even go due to a family wedding =(

Jan. 10 @ the Breadbox in New Brunswick, NJ

F.P.O.- political sXe thrash from EUROPE


e-mail bleedingXedges (at) for the address

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