Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pre-No Way Fest RAGER in New Brunswick

Friday, June 20th

REPROBATES (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)
Ripping fast hardcore, new 7" on No Way Records will be out in time for this tour. Best demo I've heard in a long time, and the new record smokes. ex-Terminal State

DARK AGES (Kansas City, MO, USA)
Great hardcore like a mix between the 80's Cali sound mixed with the early Dischord catalog.

CRIMINAL INTENT (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA)
Awesome new band of Canucks. Reminds me of Urban Waste and some other early NYHC bands.

SPG (New Bruns-adelphia, NJ/PA, USA)
According to MRR our singer has a british accent. Someone said it was "like Agnostic Front trying to be Discharge." why not...

@ the Bread Box
New Brunswick, NJ

7pm / $5-$6
e-mail- bleedingXedges@gmail.com for more info

the 3 touring bands are all on their way to No Way Fest in VA, and gas is way expensive, so no cheapskates. 2 bands are from Canada fro christ's sake.

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