Monday, April 27, 2009

Darth Vader and Bax Bear

This will be the first of an ongoing thing where I mirror post my art from the Autumn Society blog.
This is my Darth Vader piece for the 100 Ways to the Dark Side book project, it's based on a Virgin Mary of Guadalupe tattoo design. I tried some different techniques to get it a softer tattoo look to it.Here is my piece for the Bax Bear custom show @ the Artist's Eye in Smithville, NJ. It's supposed to be a Mexican luchador character of a bear that was shaved to wrestle against humans with some sweet tattoos. The snake on his back is the same snake I have tattooed on my arm, and referenced my old band, Snakebite. The gallery is also letting each artist display a work of art pertaining to your bear, so I drew up this using their template character.As a bonus to my blog readers, you get to see my rejected piece for the Vader project. It was based on the idea that Darth Vader looks like a giant black penis anyway...
EDIT- my Bax Bear just got 3rd place in the Delicious Drips custom contest

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