Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BLOODTYPE: NJ Straight Edge Hardcore/punk

My new band recently recorded a demo in my garage with the help of Metal Pete from Stressed Out. The new band is called Bloodtype, and it's my first time being the singer in a band. It's more of a side project with other people from other local bands. The idea had been kicking around to do the band for a while now. I remember talking w/ the drummer about that Repos LP where they covered Youth of Today, and talking about doing a straight edge band that raged like that. Some time went by without anything happening due to not finding a guitar player. During that down time however I had been writing music and ideas for lyrics. By the time we had our first practice I had a bunch of songs written, which made things come together a lot quicker than most bands I had been in. We had about 3 or 4 practices before our first show, where we played 4 songs and a Cro-Mags cover.

Being a singer in a hardcore band is very different from being a bass player. As a bass player, I have to bring all my equipment, get my sounds right and play the songs. The singer has to write lyrics, and remember said lyrics, as well as being somewhat engaging as a front man. It's way more physically demanding for sure, but I do like not having to carry heavy amps down basement stairs though.

we have demo tapes available for order:
PAYPAL $3.50 ppd in the USofA to bleedingXedges[at]gmail.com
(int'l orders get in touch, and we'll work something out)
...or you can just download it here:

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noisy said...

Didn't it kind of bug you that the singers in your other bands didn't help lifting stuff?, how do you think the bass player in your band feels ?