Wednesday, June 30, 2010

80's Toys Art Show

Here are my 2 pieces for the Autumn Society 80's Toys Art Show. The art show will go from July 2- Aug 4 @ Brave New Worlds in Philly. More info can be found on Facebook.
Troops of Yesterday
This painting is based off of the original crappily sculpted Stormtrooper action figure from the Star Wars line. I know the toy initially came out in 1977, but they re-packaged these through the 80's. Ever since I was 3, I was hooked on Star Wars, and after getting the Super Shogun Stormtooper recently, the old toys have been dancing though my head. It's a 2 color stencil, with the background made up of various colors of the black layer.
Terry Bull
This second piece was kind of last minute. I had this weird long canvas, and had the idea to do a toy based off M.U.S.C.L.E., which were these crazy pink Japanese wrestling characters. This guy is Terry Bull, who if I recall was the leader of the bad guys. This was also done with spray paint and stencils.

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