Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Birthday Blog 2011

So if you're a regular to my blog, every year I do a Birthday Blog about what's going on with my life currently. Due to the magic of technology, I've set this to post on the morning of my B'day. However, today I will be snorkeling in Great Stirrup Cay. My girlfriend and I will be on a cruise until the 6th.
So over the past year, I lost my job at the startup arts and crafts company, but have been freelancing at a place in NYC. I do production work, but it's for Post Cereals and Nabisco mostly, which is pretty cool. I've also been working with a company doing device skins with the World of Warcraft license. Never played the game, but the graphics are pretty cool. We're very close to being finished, so hopefully they hit stores by the summer.
Musically, I had a productive year. Wormeaters had our 3rd (and I'd say best) EPcome out on one of my favorite labels, Sorry State. We're playing with Weekend Nachos in a few weeks, which makes our first NJ show in over 2 years. I guess my blacklist from the scene has expired. Bloodtype released 2 7"s, which were both extremely well received. Cowabunga released our s/t 7", and may do a second if all goes according to plan. We also had a split 7" with INJ/SYS from FL, but unfortunately our tour plans over the summer fell through. I also released a tape on my own Bleeding Edges records, which had songs from both 7"s and a Black Flag cover. Unfortunately Bloodtype's been on a hiatus due to members moving to other states, but "Scabtype" is playing a show in a few weeks with Noose and RazorXFade.
Lately I've been focused on a new/old band Phibes. The band started as a Wormeaters side project 2 years ago, then got shelved until the summer when we recruited Mike to sing. The music is very early 80's California punk sounding. It's fun to play a little slower, and with more complex song structures. It gives me a chance to flex my bass skills a bit. I released the tape on my label, and have started distro-ing it already. Initial reviews have been real good so far.
Probably the most exciting this I did over the past year was tour Europe with Coke Bust. I had never been on a tour longer than 10 days, so a 3 week European tour was huge. We went to the UK, and across northern Europe. I had a lot of fun selling shirts/records and singing a cover song or 2 every night. Here's a video of me singing a Youth of Today cover.
Some other awsome things to happen this past year was that I adopted a cat (which I named Kat Champion- KC for short), my sister got married (meaning I gained a brother in law), and my best friend Laura got married as well. I haven't taken any more baking classes, but maybe if the job market tanks again I will.
2010 turned out to be really cool, hope 2011 can compete.

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