Thursday, April 03, 2014

[BE-12] PROTESTER cassingle

Protester is back, this time with a new cassingle. This is a promo for their new 7", coming out on Trash King Productions. The A side will be on the new record, but the B side is exclusive to this release. Much like the cover art would suggest, this is heavily influenced by bands like Confront, very hard-edged straight edge hardcore. Their demo was incredibly well received, and these are expected to sell out quickly. These will be available at Damaged City Fest in April, with whatever is left available here.

Limited to 100 copies on pro duplicated and shrink wrapped gray cassettes, with imprinted shells and wraparound covers . (4 songs)
*Due to an error on my part, the first song is actually Let You Forget and not Left To Rot, as stated on the back cover. Oops*

Check it out along with their demo here:
Buy it here:

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