Friday, December 11, 2015

Clutter GIFTWRAPPED 2015 show

I was super stoked to get invited to be a part of another show at Clutter. If you're not familiar with them, they do an awesome magazine and have a shop/ gallery in upstate NY. The show was pretty free form, so I painted a couple of toys. All were painted with an airbrush, using Monster Kolor paints. Pieces from the show can be seen and purchased here:

"Chipotle Colorway Bearrito": I wanted Bearrito to be a part of the show. I had painted one in this style previously, and I really loved it, so I wanted this to sort of be a colorway I would love to do more of. I wanted to go sort of realistic, matching the silver foil wrapped Chipotle burritos.

"Lizard Sewer Creep": My buddy Mikee made this Sewer Creep toy, and I have painted one before, and it's a really fun toy. I thought some of the flat spots needed details, so I used some netting from a fruit package to add that texture, to be almost like lizard skin. I had an orange vinyl, so I kept the hair and tentacle suckers orange.

"Candy Cane Mummy Boy": I wanted something Christmas-y, so I used this clear red vinyl pocket Mummy Boy by Super7. I used some painter's tape to mask out the various spots I wanted to stay red, them again masked out the eyes and mouth to be green.

"Tin Toy Tofu Robot": Had this toy for a long time, and had started and never finished it. I kept some of the paint that was already on there, and masked out some spots with painter's tape. I wanted it to look like an old tin toys, so I went sort of basic on the paints.

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