Monday, June 11, 2007

June 19th in New Brunswick, NJ

Tues. June 19th

Life Crisis (from CA- on the way to No Way Fest, hc thrash punk)

Straitjacket Mind (ex-Blind Society + Tear It Up, dark well dressed punk)

Kamikaze Noise (on tour w/ LC from MD)

Killin' It! (New Brunswick HC/punk, ex-Kudata)

Retard Strength (Philly HC/punk, Matt Slamdance sings the hits)

Wormeaters (80's style hardcore, homemade shirts and sleeveless flannels)

@ the Pop Off - New Brunswick, NJ
7PM / $5

PM/E-mail me for more info...

*the first 3 bands will be splitting one gigantic set, so despite there being 6 bands it should flow nicely. plus it's a Tuesday and Gilmore Girls got cancelled, so come out!*

keep an eye out for:
Life Trap (TN) on June 27th(?)
Autistic Youth & Forced March (PDX) on June 30th
About to Snap (Canada) on August 11

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