Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 30th in New Brunswick, NJ

Saturday June 30th

AUTISTIC YOUTH (Portland, Observers-styled punk rock)

FORCED MARCH (Portland, raging fast political hardcore like Deathreat)

SEASICK (new 10"/CD, if American Nightmare had anarchist lyrics instead of fruity emo lyrics)

Straitjacket Mind (dark melodic well dressed punk, ex-Blind Society, Tear It Up, Kill Crush Destroy, Forward To Death, Dead Nation, Fast Times, The Rites, The Bad Form, Heatseekers...)

@ Fuck Mountain
New Brunswick, NJ

$5 / 7pm

*AY and FM are playing at ABC No Rio in the afternoon, so the show's starting a little later than usual, but still will be over by 10* you'll have plenty of time to still go to the Degenerics reunion/book release show @ the Court Tavern after*

*Middle America had to cancel =(, I'll have them back here ASAP though*

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