Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Krazy Kaiju Kustoms

I had gotten these 2 RealXHead unpainted clear pieces (Mini Hone Borg and Mini Ichibonboshi Ryusei Ninja)way back last December when Super7 had a big sale. They sat unpainted for a while, then I did my usual spray painted detail, and paintign the inside of the clear figure. It came out ok (see below), but was lacking something. So they sat in my basement for a few months until recently. I decided to be bold and try a black rub technique. Basically what I did was painted the area with black paint, then rub the surface lightly with a paper towel. This leaves paint in the detail, and adds depth to the paint. I really liked the way these came out, and the technique saved some otherwise mediocre custom paint jobs.

Next we have a clear Mini Borugogon by Monstock. I painted the inside with acrylic craft paint to resemble one of the old McDonalds Fry Guys from the old 80's commercials. The piece has a ridiculously detailed texture, which was perfect to do the black wash. The toy had 2 red eyes, which fit perfectly in the divots, but I thought some old school googley eyes would be more fun.

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Viva Hate Edge said...

Awesome blog dude! Spoke to you last night at CT Coke Bust. Got a copy of your band Wormeaters 7". Really good informative reviews on all your vinyl, nice to see toy appreciation also!