Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Record Scores: SOA- No Policy

Welcome to a new feature that I've decided to add to the blog. As a record collector, I like hearing stories about how people found their cool records. Seems nowadays it's too easy to just buy what you want on eBay and Discogs, and the fun stories of the hunt are lost. Thisd will also serve for me to review some great records, as well as brag a little (j/k). SOA was one of those bands I discovered early in my hardcore days, and just latched onto. Obviously loving Minor Threat and Black Flag, SOA was kind of a combination of the 2. I own the No Policy EP in various formats: "1981: A Year in Seven Inches" comp CD, "Four Seven Inches on a 12" LP, a recent SOA bootleg discography LP, and this original 7" version.
The story starts out kind of boring, I was bidding on this 2nd press autographed version of the 7" on eBay back in 2004. The auction had a reserve that was not met, but I was the top bidder. After the auction, I e-mailed the seller, and he said I could have it for $68 ppd. Which was below my bid, but seeing as there's a tear in the top,the seller thought that was a fair price. The insert was a photocopy from the 12" version, but I later got a photocopied original version from a friendly German. The differences between all 3 pressings is that first pressing on green vinyl, 2nd on black, 3rd on black w/ Black Flag bars drawn on Henry's arm. As for the autograph, you generally don't see many hardcore records autographed, which could have accounted for the low amount of bids. I would say that the autograph was during Henry's Black Flag days, as he refers to himself as Rollins (not Garfield). I love the simplicity of the cover and lettering, and the back cover is a perfect cut and paste/ rub on lettering look. At the time, this was a great deal, and now it's probably worth double. Easily my favorite in the collection.

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