Friday, July 01, 2011

custom Skulloctopus toy

I had gotten this clear Skulloctopus by Plaseebo a while back to paint. I painted the inside of the bottom and did black rub, which gives it a bright yet gritty look. I treated the head a little different though. I sprayed the front white with a little ivory, and left the back clear. I painted in the metal components with a paint marker, and did a black rub all over. I also got some fake eyes and drilled holes inside the eye sockets. It gives it a much creepier look than just painting them black. Lastly, I got a handful of glow in the dark snakes off eBay, and filled the skull with them, so that they glow would appear in the unpainted part. Unfortunately the snakes don't glow very brightly (w/o the aid of a black light), so I may replace them w/ some pink worms to look more like brains.
(click to get a better view of the turn around)

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