Saturday, February 25, 2012

Personal Discography

I got the idea for this after a conversation with a friend about bands. I feel like some people do like 2 bands then call it a day. I started playing in bands when I was 17, and with a few gaps here and there, I've been doing it ever since. None of my bands have ever been very popular, but I make up for quality in quantity. Consult your local dollar bin to fill in the holes in your collection. Here's a list to date of every proper release I have performed on.

Depraved Azriel- "is cool" (demo): bass/vocals 1997
Professor Plum- "In the Dining Room w/ the Candle Stick" (demo): bass/ backup vocals 1997
Depraved Azriel- "Bug Goes to College" 7": bass/vocals 1998
Depraved Azriel + V/A- "New Jersey in a Nutshell" comp CD: bass/ backup vocals 1998
The Freakout + V/A- "Shut Up and Skate" comp 7": bass/backup vocals 2001
Snakebite- demo tape: bass 2004
Snakebite- "Feel The Buzz" 7" (same songs as demo): bass 2004
Johnny Deformed- demo CDr: bass 2004
Forward to Death- "Death Therapy" LP/CD: backup vocals 2004
Snakebite- "Every Bad Idea Is a Good Idea" 7": bass 2004
Snakebite- "The First Year" (collects both 7"s): bass 2004
Wormeaters- demo tape: bass 2007
SPG- demo tape: bass 2008
Wormeaters- "In God We Thrust" 7": bass 2008
Wormeaters- "Cattle Cannot Choose": bass/ backup vocals 2008
Poison Planet- "Oblivious" 7": bass/ backup vocals 2009
Poison Planet + V/A- "Punx Don't Drink" comp 7": bass/ backup vocals 2009
SPG- "Special Patrol Group" 7" + tape: bass/ backup vocals 2009
Bloodtype- demo tape: vocals 2009
Wormeaters- "Wardeath": bass 2010
Bloodtype- "Bringin' More Stuff Down": vocals 2010
Wormeaters + V/A- "Sorry State Records" comp CD 2010
Bloodtype- s/t: vocals 2010
Bloodtype- split with INJ/SYS: vocals 2010
Sic Sensation / Stripmines / Devour / Coke Bust- live tape: vocals (on CB's Citizens Arrest cover) 2010
Phibes- demo: bass 2011
Poison Planet- "Ugly Truths Vol. 1" LP: bass/ backup vocals (contains the "Oblivious" 7") 2011

Not Pictured:
Depraved Azriel + V/A- some NJ comp CD (never got copies)
Kanamits/ Wormeaters- split demo tape (only made like 15, didn't take one)
SPG + V/A- I'd Rather Be Watching Movies comp CDr (forgot to include in the picture)
SPG- demo + 7" tape (does this exist?)
Bloodtype- discography tape (does this exist?)
Phibes EP (unreleased)
Phibes + V/A- "NJHC 2011" comp (never got copies)

Releases I'm credited as being in the band, but don't play on:
The Freakout- demo
Forward To Death- The Hourglass (tour pressing only)
I Hate This- split w/ Killin It

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