Friday, September 28, 2012

Green Lantern cover for Comix Gone Rogue

Last year I did a cover for the first series of the COMIX GONE ROGUE project, so I was stoked to do one for the 2nd. Having never read a single Green Lantern comic, and growing up with a militant Marvel > DC standpoint, I went into this with an open mind. I had remembered seeing a squirrel looking Green Lantern somewhere at a comic con, so I thought it'd be funny to put him in a more prominent role. With DC revamping their universe with the New 52 gimmick, I figured why not give Ch'p a cover spread.
I sprayed 6 layers with spray paint, then drew in the detail with a paint marker. While painting, I covered the top text with some painters tape. I think it gives it a cut and paste look. A few imperfections aside, it was a real fun piece to do. I'm sure series 2 of CGR will be just as awesome as series 1.

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