Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simpsons tribute Grody Shoguns

Lulubell Toy Bodega is having a Grody Shogun show at their retail store called
Mighty Morphin' Grody Mash-up Show. In anticipation of this, they offered blank Grodys for pre-order. If you follow my art, you are not surprised to learn that I jumped on the clear vinyl. I decided to go for a Simpsons tribute, since Escorced Man's head reminds me of Homer. I went with Karakuri as Bart. The overall sloppiness of the Grody Shoguns gave me a little bit of leeway to not be as crisp with my colors. I did almost all of the painting on the inside, except for the spray on Homer's feet and the detail for the eyes and hair. I named them "Home Boy and Brat," and you can see them at the opening on Friday, and hopefully online after that.

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