Friday, June 23, 2006

grr record player issues...

So for some reason my record player doesn't like to work in the summer. Maybe it's the heat, but it seems pretty ridiculous. I will sometimes play once, then when the arm goes back automatically, it won't stay down, or won't go onto a new record. So needless to say, it's very frustrating. I'll review these 2 records I got last week based on what I could get to hear.

Look Back and Laugh- Street Terrorism
A new 7" by one of the best current bands these days. I picked this up when I saw them last week, and boy is it great. Their sound is pretty fast harsh energetic hardcore punk. Pretty much picks up where the last LP left off. This one even has a sick intro, and maybe a little more (dare I say) melodic. Vocals are still harsh as ever, and I'm still surprised a female singer can sound that fierce. It's great, I want more.

Siege- s/t
This LP has the classic 7", which is pretty much the foundation for grindcore. What can I say about siege, it's essential stuff and influenced a lot of heavy fast hardcore bands. It's waaaay faster than anything else that came out in 1983, and is awesome.

Poison Control- demo (cassette tape)
Luckily I don't need a record player (or a cd player) for this one. First off, the demo came on a cassette with a photocopied cover. May not seem like a big deal, but it's been too long since I've gotten one of these. I caught this band last week with LBAL, and they were awesome. Really cool old sounding hardcore punk that kinda reminds me of the Freeze. Lyrically, they touch on politics and conspiracy, as well as growing old in the scene. It's really good, and adds to the long line of great bands currently blossoming from the Boston area.

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