Monday, June 05, 2006

I hate music... I love noise

Deep Sleep- You're Screwed
Wow, a great new band from the MD/DC area. I know a couple of guys were in Never Enough, but this sounds nothing like that band. It's got an echoy surfy guitar, with an early 80's California punk sound to it. I really like this, It sounds and looks like an old 80's hardcore punk record. The thin paper sleeve and one color high contrast art match the sound perfectly. Fans of the Adolescents, Agent Orange, and maybe even a little Descendents should check it out.

the Observers- Where I Stay
I just missed the boat on this band, after hearing good things about them, I picked up there CD and loved it. Then I found out they had already broken up, I was bummed but luckily they had recorded this record before calling it quits. Sound wise, it sounds like the stuff on the "So What's Left Now" CD. Melodic poppy punk,

the Ergs- Art of the Underground vol. 8
What more can I say about the Ergs, they play some great pop punk and make NJ proud. Here's 2 new songs, one I think is a cover. Side A is "jazz is the new coke," which can interpreted as "jazz is like the New CocaCola (ie: not good)," or "jazz is the new cocaine (ie: new addictive trend)." Regardless of the Ergs opinions on jazz, it's a swell little record. The thing is limited to only 250 copies, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone already. Art of the Underground does a limited singles series, and also released that Skate Korpse limited 7" that I could never track down.

Suicide Party- You're All Invited
Man, when I threw this on I felt like such an idiot for not buying this sooner. I had the split with the Scarlet Letter, and maybe listened to it once. Buy yea, you'd think "ex-talk is poison, full speed ahead and copout" would make me go get it in a second. Basically it's the best combination of all those bands, raw distorted and catchy. I think they may have another 7" out there that I'll need to track down. It's really great, don't sleep on it like I did.

Magrudergrind- Owned!!
I'd been hearing a lot about these guys, they're from DC I believe. It's an OK record, maybe just too fast for me (I never thought I'd say that). I run hot and cold with grindcore, usually I prefer stuff that would lead more to the "powerviolence" side of things than the Napalm Death/Anal Cunt side of things. It's not bad, just not my thing.

Infest- Slave
I was pretty siked to find this in the used bin, no only because it was on green vinyl, but it's a pretty awesome LP. My Infest collection was made up of a few records, but I only had Slave for the longest time in only mp3 format. If you don't know who Infest is, I suggest looking into it if you like fast angry hardcore. A lot of powerviolence bands owe this band, for basically inventing that sound. Rumors had been circulating for the past few years of a reunion, but I've never been one for reunions really.

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