Monday, June 19, 2006

Someone Start a Band With Me!

I'd like to meet a guitarist and drummer who can dedicate themselves to practicing at least once a week for a few hours. Sound-wise, I'd like to do something along the lines of early 80's hardcore/punk meets a more raw distorted sound. I'd like to have political minded lyrics as well, but I'm more concerned with writing music and getting it tight before recruiting a singer.

bands like: deathreat, talk is poison, crispus attucks, brother inferior, copout, articles of faith, poison idea, discharge, filth, early DC area bands (minor threat, SOA, void, GI, faith, etc), and KBD type stuff.

I also like modern bands like: direct control, career suicide, caustic christ, government warning, strung up, deadfall, i object, etc...

If you or someone you might know would be interested, please get in touch. I've had 4 bands fall through in the past year, and just want someone who can dedicate themselves to something for more than a month. I work normal hours M-F, and am not really planning anything huge. If touring's an issue for you based on work, I'm probably in the same boat. I'm located by New Brunswick, but have driven an hour for practice in the past. Practice space would depend on locations of everyone. Get in touch:


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