Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grenade art show + some more Kaiju Customs

This grenade is for an art show at Finder's Creepers in IA, where every artist customizes a grenade in their own way called "Fire In The Hole!" I decides to paint mine like a clown, which I've decides to call "Rambozo the Clown." As usual, I painting the whole thing with spray paint, then added a black rub to get the darkness in the detail. While painting it, I had some issues with the paint flaking off, but I think I was able to conceal it a bit. I added the arms from a crappy old action figure, to give it a more ridiculous character look.

Because I'm such an exciting guy, I decided to spend my Saturday finishing up some other toys I started. First is yellow vinyl Blowfish by Brian Flynn/Super7. I wanted to try a new idea I had, where I cut out some circles with painter's tape and placed them inside. I then painted the inside blue, so that it would look green, and peeled off the tape circles, leaving clear yellow dots. It came out pretty cool, and looks real good when in some direct light. I also did a dry rub, but it was so round, that it's very subtle.

Next I painted a clear vinyl RealXHead Ashira, which is a version of the one eyed fortune cat that I love. I painted the inside light green, then taped off the robe and flower to spray paint pink. The black rub gives it a look of a weathered jade statue.

Lastly, I had this Chaos head from the Glyos Custom Corp for a while. The body it came on wasn't nearly badass enough for it, so I made this for him, but had it un-painted for months. Again, not badass enough. So in my painting last night, I decided to try a white rub, and added the detail to the glow pieces with a fine point paint marker. Finally, think he looks badass enough.

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