Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Florida and records

This'll be my last post for a few days, I'm going to Florida Wednesday night until Monday night to visit my favorite Floridian, Annie. I'll be on the beach, while it's raining and crappy in NJ. I'm also going to go to Islands of Adventure, where they have a Marvel comics themed park. I'm hoping to get a picture with someone dressed as Wolverine.

Recent Record/CD Purchases:

the Ergs- "Jersey's Best Prancers"
This was recorded a while, and just took forever to actually come out. While it may not be as fast as "Dorkrockcorkrod," it's still really really good. Sounds like they've been listening to the Replacements a lot lately. Most notable might be that Scott Reynolds from ALL sings backup vocals on one of the songs... I know crazy right? Seriously, this CD rules and the Ergs really are bigger than Jesus (in my eyes that is).

the Yah Mos Def- "Plays Ugly For Suckers"
A 5 song EP from this Philly hip hop group, scroll down to the show review to get more info about them. Basically it's as if the Beastie Boys had kept the punk energy and sound. Great CD, and it leaves you wanting more.

the Jury- "I Hate the Future"
Great debut for this upstate NY band, sound wise I get a 9 Shocks/ Poison Idea vibe. Fast raging distorted hardcore with strained vocals. Word out on the street is that it's limited, so track it down, before it goes on eBay.

Black SS- "self titled"
I was putting off buying this, since the few songs I heard online were kind of ok, but not mind blowing. I decided to pick it up from the Jury last week though. I'm glad I did, it's real good mid-paced hardcore punk. It's really good to see straight edge bands that lean more toward the punk side of the fence than the jockish hardcore side. I'd like to see them live and pick up some more records by them.

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