Friday, May 26, 2006

Music is my girlfriend

While I was gone, I got these 3 records in the mail. None of them came with those little plastic bags. Record labels: use plastic bags, so I don't have to steal the bags of crappy records to put on good records.

I Object/ FxPxOx
I Object is one of my favorite bands going today. While they may not be the best technical musicians, their message and dedication is something to look up to. They just put out an amazing LP on Alternative Tentacles (yes, that Alternative Tentacles), and before had put out records on their own label(s). They've also toured the USA numerous times, and are currently in Europe for the next month or so. The stuff on this record is by no means their best, but in no way bad. Pretty much the same formula of fast old school HC/Punk with social/political lyrics. There wasn't any female/male alternating vocal parts, which I always enjoy. They actually overdubbed the singer twice in one song rather than having the guitar player sing backups, like usual. That's my only little gripe, it's still great. FxPxOx are from Macedonia, I honestly don't know exactly where that is, I'm pretty sure it used to be a part of the USSR. Either way, FPO are a really good fast political type sXe band. I first got introduced to their music when I was asked to do the design for their split 7" with Secret Seven on Moo Cow Records. One this 7" they only do one song, but it's pretty good. I think the split with secret 7 had like 6 songs, so it kind of shows how their song writing has evolved. Overall, the 7" has two great bands with something god to say from different parts of the world, who are both Straight Edge. It's also nice to see that 4 different record labels collaborated to put this out.

No Hope For the Kids- "Angels of Destruction"
Before the No Hope For the Kids LP was re-released this year, I'd get weekly e-mails from people wanting me to trade my copy to them. I don't really care about the collector value of the original pressing, I just got lucky and found it. But it's an amazing LP, which just sounds like old 80's melodic hardcore punk. It kind of reminds me of the Subhumans (from Canada) or the Observers. This 7" is pretty tricky to get, as are most bands from the Denmark area, but I found it on eBay which sucks because it just came out and I would've had no problem buying from the label directly. This record only has 2 songs, but they're great and I hope they do another LP. I also just found out that they're playing Pointless Fest this year, I'll be there!

Deathreat/ DSB
Deathreat was a band I always liked, but never really loved, until I found their LP in a used bin. For some reason it really grabbed my attention, and made me dust off the other records by them I had owned for years. I might've been the Koro cover, but it might've been the fact that it totally rules. So I found this on eBay, and was surprised to get it pretty cheap. DSB is some pretty intense Japanese hardcore. I missed them when they came through on tour a few years ago, which sucks. I like Japanese hardcore a lot for it's speed and intensity, but the language barrier prevents me from getting too into it.

I wouldn't really all myself a record collector really, more of a record accumulator. I'd never spend ridiculous amounts of money on a record just because it's limited or super old. I'd rather spend 100 bucks on 100 budget 7"s, than 100 bucks on 1 7" I'll never listen to since I had it on CD for years. I'm sure by Monday I'll have a new stack of music to listen to. I just got my ticket to see Tragedy, Forward and Warhead in Philly. It should be stinky, sweaty and crowded... What more could you want?

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