Friday, May 12, 2006

Wednesday's show

Thanks a lot to the Think Tank house, all the bands and all the kids who came out. A good time was had by all, and no problems aside for a 2 hour delay in starting.

my band- we played alright, coulda been better if we had a chance to practice before the show. We only played 3 songs, but people seemed into it. We still don't have a name, but were referred to as "Group Hug" and "Dr. Acula" by various hecklers.

the Jury- this was the first day of their 2 week tour, and were the reason the show was set up. I thought they were great, their sound reminds me of a less distorted 9 Shocks Terror. I picked up their 7", and it's a scorcher on pink vinyl with a spraypainted and silkscreened cover (which smells really unpleasant). They were touring with a fill in drummer, who is also in Positive Reinforcement and Blank Stare who also rule.

Yah Mos Def- I was hoping it wouldn't bee too weird, but I was glad to see people into it. Basically imagine the Beastie Boys... hardcore kids who somehow fell into hip hop. Two guys with tons of energy rapping to beats from an iPod with plenty of hardcore references. I think a line from one of the songs was something like "I'm young till I die like Kevin Seconds." Their CD is awesome too, but should be longer than 5 songs though... I want more!

Fanshen- They have been around for like 10 years, with a brief 4 year hiatus in the middle. I was really glad they could play, since they only seem to play maybe 2 or 3 shows per year. They played a bunch off the LP, "Static/Kinetic," they even played a bunch of new songs, which were great. Their sound is rooted in fast hardcore, but have very political/ social lyrics which border on spoken word at times.

The Ergs- My favorite band from NJ, they're pretty much great in every way. Started off by playing their entire new CD, "Jersey's Best Prancers" in order. They also played the classics, and some new jams. Their sound I suppose could be described as classic pop-punk, like the Descendents/ All and the Ramones with other various rock and pop music influences. I'm glad that on a show with fast loud hardcore, and even a hip hop group, they can hold their own and fit in.

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