Sunday, May 14, 2006

They Might be Giants

On Friday my partner in crime, Laura and I went to see They Might Be Giants at the TLA in Philly. In the past I had been more of a casual fan, first hearing about them through Tiny Toons. They had an episode where they made videos for "Istanbul" and "Particle Man." Then about 2 years ago, I worked with someone who brought a CD of theirs into work, and so I borrowed it and really liked it. Knowing Laura is a big Barenaked Ladies fan, I figured she's like TMBG... I was right. I'd probably say she likes them even more than me, so when we saw they were playing in Philly, we got our tickets.

We wound up getting there a little late, due to Philly's lack of parking. I don't think we missed much since they said thank you, how's everybody after the first song we heard, which was "James K. Polk." The crowd was probably the nerdiest crowd at any concert ever... so many glasses in the room. They played a bunch of my favorites, like "Cyclops Rock," "Istanbul,"Dr. Worm" and "New York City." They even played my favorite song, "James Ensor" which I never would have expected. They had a new CD/DVD of songs written about the various venues they played across the country. They even had one about the TLA, which also had the roadies doing YMCA-esque hand movements. It was pretty awesome, and they probably played for close to 2 hours. I definitely would go see them again, It's nice to go to a show and not have to worry about meatheads pushing into you constantly.


Laura said...

That was a very nerdy concert. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now all we have to do is hope they come around again, along with some of the other bands you have used your influence to make me listen to..

Mike said...

I saw them in Rhode Island when they were touring for Apollo 18 tour. It was a fun show. They brought out a radio and scanned the stations to find some songs to cover. Good times but with the recent CD's for "kids", I would probably pass on seeing them again.